Along with the times, non-cash transactions are increasingly easy to do. One of the non-cash transactions that are busy to use is a credit card. Maybe, 10 years ago, credit card transactions were still rarely done. But now, the use of credit cards is now increasingly commonplace. In fact, many people make credit cards as the main transaction tool rather than using cash or debit cards. But, the use of credit cards saves a risk. Because by using a credit card, then we have owed to the bank, and whose name must be paid off debt. If you fail to do it, of course you will lose.

Therefore, many people assume that credit cards will only complicate finances. What assumption is wrong? Not really. Failure to pay off credit card debt usually occurs due to the inability of the card holder to manage finances and control the use of credit cards. Conversely, being able to use credit cards wisely, even in large amounts, there will be many benefits to be had.


Free Annual Fee

Free Annual Fee

Credit cards that have a free contribution feature are indeed very attractive, but not all credit cards offer such features. But, there are several credit cards that offer solutions to that problem. Where, enough to trade with a certain value, then your credit card has been freed from annual fees. One of the credit cards that offers this feature is a Standard Chartered MasterCard Titanium credit card. You only have to do a transaction as much as 5x with any nominal within 2 months since the card is approved, your credit card has not been charged an annual fee.


Free Watch in the Cinema

Watch in the Cinema

Who here doesn’t like watching at the cinema? Of course there isn’t. Then, what if you can watch in the cinema for free? Of course this will be much more fun. There are several credit cards that offer this feature. How do you get this promo? There are several ways, one of which is offered by Standard Chartered, where only by applying for a credit card from the bank, you will get a free Standard Chartered credit card promo watching. Not only that, you will also get a free promo 20 times with Uber.


Eat cheaply in restaurants

Eat cheaply in restaurants

One credit card feature that must be considered is reward points. To get it, you can simply trade in a certain value, then the reward points will automatically be given to you by the bank. Then, when it has been successfully collected in a certain value, it can be exchanged for various services. One of them is a discount to free eating at famous restaurants. Who doesn’t want to eat cheap at famous restaurants? Of course there isn’t.


Satisfied Shopping

Satisfied Shopping

Lots of credit cards that offer convenience for shopping transactions. From groceries, gadgets, to shopping for home appliances, you can get them at discounted or even free prices. How to get this profit is also quite easy, simply by transacting with a certain value determined by the credit card issuer, then the transaction will become even cheaper.


Gasoline Contents Discounts

fuel discounts

Large gas expenditure every month can be a financial problem. But, with a credit card, the problem could disappear. Because, by using a credit card that provides a cashback or discount feature for payment transactions of petrol contents, your expenses will be even cheaper. So, your financial burden will also be lighter.


Don’t Hesitate to Transaction with Credit Cards

credit cards

Diligently using a credit card does not mean taking very consumptive measures. The more diligently you use a credit card, the more attractive offers you can enjoy. However, with the benefits, it does not mean you have to waste. Responsible use of credit cards must still be done. However, financial health must be assigned. To add insight, do also browse the internet to find various advantages of having a credit card that is commonly found on the internet. For those of you who want to get these benefits, or want to get a credit card that suits your needs, please see the site, submit a credit card online and get various attractive benefits.