Credit cards have now become part of people’s lifestyles. Any transaction or shopping both offline and online is easier. No wonder that many users are anxiously holding credit cards, even have more than one card.

Not satisfied with one, add two credit cards. Then because they were tempted to offer attractive offers from other banks, they applied for additional credit cards, so they already collected three credit cards. There are also people who have four or five card tables.

Actually no problem if people have more than two credit cards. However, it should be adjusted to the ability and financial condition. Because after all, there are credit cards that even if not used, still have to pay fees, such as annual fees, and others.

So do not have more than two credit cards actually bring ‘disaster’ in your finances. Especially if you rely on credit cards everyday. Your salary is only spent every month to pay credit card bills. If it is so much, can not pay off, get ready for personal assets confiscated by the bank.

The more credit cards you have, the greater the risk you will bear. Therefore, before applying for an additional credit card, you should think carefully. Including when you want to use it for shopping transactions.


1. Do unnecessary transactions

2. Used beyond the limits of ability

Credit cards are not idle money that you can use at will. That is a bank loan, which must be paid in principle and interest. There is a due date too. Late, there is a late fee that can make your bill swell.

So think if you want to shop using a credit card. If it’s not necessary or can still be postponed, it’s better not to buy. Use a credit card in an emergency only or for productive needs, but when the money is in a tight pocket.


2. Used beyond the limits of ability

Your credit card has a limit. The value can exceed your monthly salary. If you use it recklessly, swipe here and there, then you can unconsciously exceed your ability to pay. If you have experienced such conditions, you will only be carried away in debt problems that will complicate your finances in the future.


3. Spending credit limit

credit limit

Even if you get a large enough credit limit and it’s still available, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it. Forcing yourself to spend a credit limit is a big mistake, especially if you use something that is consumptive, not important. Not only is not the maximum, but also the risk of triggering financial problems due to a fairly large credit card bill.


4. Not save and supervise their use

A credit card is not a dime that you can put anywhere. Because other people can take and abuse without your knowledge. If this happens, you will receive bills that are not from your shopping transactions.

Using a credit card right now you can still use the signature at the merchant, so it’s very easy to misuse it. Not you who shop, but you who have to bear the consequences of your carelessness not save credit cards properly.


5. Don’t pay on time

5. Don

In addition to overseeing shopping transactions, you also need to check credit card bills to find out the due date. Late payments will result in penalties and interest costs, which will make your bill even greater. Avoid this by appropriate means, by enabling a reminder (alarm) that can make you make timely payments.


6. Always use a credit card when transacting

If it’s not profitable, then you don’t need to use a credit card, especially if you will be charged a fee by the merchant. You can use a debit card for shopping, so you don’t have a bill on your credit card. Avoid to always use a credit card if you carry cash or debit cards.


7. Shopping without a plan

Use wisely and think carefully

Unplanned shopping or “accidents,” can always happen. Be it when you travel, vacation, even when visiting online shopping sites. Even if you don’t have money or a shopping plan, you still do it with a credit card. Without realizing it, you already bought so many items. This can actually make wasteful, then dizzy to pay the installments.


Use wisely and think carefully

Before shopping and transactions using a credit card, you should think carefully. This item is necessary or not, important or can still be postponed. If it’s what you need, that’s fine. Conversely, if not, in fact it would be redundant. Make sure you use a credit card wisely and planned, especially if you have more than two credit cards.